June 1-2, 2019: Anthony "robotpencil" Jones wins the LIMITS World Grand Prix title in Tokyo

Anthony "RobotPencil" Jones won the LIMITS World Grand Prix in Tokyo and five million Japanese Yen in prize money in an upset win over two-time Japanese champion, Juinichi “jbstyle” Hashimura.

"paintONE Battles" is a new global sport: competitive visual storytelling where two artists go head-to-head in 20-minute battles based on a random two-word prompt to create the most compelling and entertaining digital art narrative, judged by a panel of experts and a worldwide viewing audience.

Jones, from Irvine, CA, is a concept artist, art director, and educator, formerly of Activision Blizzard and SONY Studios. American players have now won the world title for two consecutive years and Jones was thrilled: "It was an honor to battle a great champion like jbstyle.

In addition to Jones, paintONE Battles sent seven other international players to Tokyo to compete against Japan's top eight players after staging championship tournaments in Los Angeles, Shangai, Taipei, and Hong Kong earlier in 2019.

paintONE international players included: Steven Zapata (Queens, NY), Reinaldo "REIQ" Quintero (Pasadena, CA), Feng Qian (Shanghai, China), Michael "YG" Yin (Beijing, China), Yi-Le "Cola" Chen (Taipei, Taiwan), Wei-Ning "MonoriRogue" Chiou (Taipei, Taiwan), and Didier "Jaba" Mathieu (Singapore).

LIMITS World Grand Prix, Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo








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